Kirk has enjoyed playing studying and playing world music for over 30 years. He is currently focusing on Ney, Kwala, Kaval, Zurna, Bansuri and other Bamboo Flutes and Middle eastern percussion. He has made many instruments and enjoys customizing and repairing.


He is currently the Artistic Director of the SONEM. Check them out at


Other percussion styles include:
Middle Eastern Tabla, Riq and Tar
Ghanaian Kpanlogo and Ewe sets
Guinean Djembe
Afro Cuban Congas, Bongos and Shakere
Brazilian Panderio and Berimbau


Some of his teachers include:

Omar Faruk Tekbilek - Ney

Scott Marcus - Maquam

Souhail Kasper - Tabla and Riq

Issam Houshan - Tabla and Riq

Karim Nagi - Riq

Nagi Hilal - Arabic Music

Mehrdad Arabi - Persian Deft

John Amira -  Afro Cuban and Haitian Drumming/Songs

Kobla Ladzekpo - Ghanain Drumming and Songs

Bira Almeida - Capoeira Dance and Songs

Kwasi Dunyo - Ghanain Drumming and Songs

Nidia Liberty Mata - Afro Cuban Drumming




Are a group of Middle East music students. Please call us to play at your event.





Handmade Congas

Handmade Conga

These congas are made from Nova Scotian spruce with stainless steel hardware. My best work. Took them to NYC to show John Amira and some of his friends. They were stolen soon after my visit while eating lunch in SoHo.



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